Firmware update real racing 3 juni 2019

firmware update real racing 3 juni 2019

firmware update real racing 3 juni 2019

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Iterations were made to best simulate the real racing. To unleash the full capability of the stepper motor, M10 uses three CPUs to process signals. The result is astonishing. Ultimate refresh rate and update rate are achieved thanks to the Tri-CPU structure. 1000 Hz refresh rate for USB communication, 40000 Hz update rate for force feedback controls. ===== Technical Specs :- Finishing - CNC ...

 · If you update to Freeflight 6.5, please do not use a different device below Android 7 or iOS 8, this could result in elements being misplaced in the HUD and other miscommunication between the drone and the application. Freeflight 6 v6.4.3 (iOS), Anafi 1.4.0, Skycontroller 3 v1.4.1 Freeflight 6 v6.4.3 (Android), Anafi 1.4.1, Skycontroller 3 v1.4.1

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